Proudly serving America to maintain our Freedoms...

     On March 27, 2023 Sylva Post 104 member and longtime Chaplain, Burrus Jones went to be with the Lord. Chaplain Jones was an inspiration to all who knew him and especially to this pastor and Post 104 Assistant Chaplain.

     If you knew brother Burrus- my brother in arms and my brother in Christ- then, you knew that this man of faith expressed a genuine concern for this country, as a nation under God! He was just as committed in his faith that God still blesses nations who believe in Him. During our prayer times at post meetings, Burrus would always lift up our nation and our military to God. He would always pray that God would continue to bless us and that America would once again return to Him. Awe inspiring! That is how Chaplian Jones prayed and many of us gained renewed strength in our diligence to serve God, Family, and Country.

     Post 104 will miss the wit, humor, commitment, and frienship of former Chaplain Jones.

Rev. David Zachary, MTS

Post 104 Chaplain and Webmaster

Burrus Elmore Jones

February 29, 1932 - March 27, 2023

Sylva Post 104, former Chaplain

A Soldier for God and Country

The first time I met Chaplain Jones (right) it was at my father's (William Zachary) gravesite service in February 2007. The manner in which he and the Sylva Post 104 Honor Guard conducted themselves inspired me and later I would join this elite group of veterans.

Post Commander Ed Harwood (L), Chaplain Jones (M), and Sergeant-at-Arms Ron Short (R) conducting a Post Everlasting Ceremony - 2016.

Chaplain Jones reading a list of 2016 deceased veterans.

     February 3, is designated as Four Chaplains month and on 17 February the Post 104 Chaplain and Assistant Chaplains conducted a remembrance ceremony and dedicated the plaque below, in honor of four godly men who gave all... that others might live.

     The Post 104 Chaplain is the spiritual leader for all matters concerning prayer at the opening and closing of all meetings and other duties as assigned by the Post Commander, such as: visitations to hospitals or veteran's homes. He participates in the honor guard by assisting with the funeral flag-folding ceremony and prays when this service is requested by the veteran's family. Additionally, the Chaplain offers spiritual guidance to any Post 104 member and their family when this service is requested.

     As I continue in my new duties, since the death of former Chaplain Jones, I am blessed to have great Assistance Chaplains in Bill Louchs (Post 104) and Chuck Saunder (Legion Riders). These men fill the gaps because I am unable to be in all places at all times. In all of our Post 104 endeavors we are a team of godly men who are here to serve all of our legion members and their families. In addition, the Ladies Auxiliary Unit 104 has Chaplain Janice Burnette who ministers to the needs of the Auxiliary.

     Each Chaplain is here to assit our members with prayer and spiritual guidance when requested. Thus, if you need us, then we are only an email message away. You can contact me at, regardless of whether you are a Post 104, Legion Rider, Auxiliary, or family member, we are available for you.

     Finally, it is my prayer that you will pray for our nation and its leadership, our military members at home and abroad, and for each other. More than ever, we need to act like "One Nation Under God."

L to R: Commander McGill, Asst Chaplains Saunders, Staton, and Chaplain Zachary

Seated: Asst Chaplain Louchs

Chaplain Zachary presenting the Four Chaplains plaque to Post 104 Commander McGill

Asst Chaplain Staton speaking about Lt. Alexander D. Goode

Post Chaplain Zachary speaking about Lt. John P. Washington

Chaplain's Corner

Four Chaplains Program

February 17, 2024