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     November 11 is a day when Americans take time to honor all who have served on the Armed Forces of the United States of America. It is a day to commemorate the many sacrifices our service members in all branches of the military make for the cause of Freedom for all of it's citizens. Though some Americans shrug the idea of serving our nation in such a manner, we must continue to appreciate those who have served and those who are still actively serving throughout this nation and the world. The price of liberty is never cheap and it is the solem responsibility of all Americans to support the men and women who give of themselves to protect our freedoms. Likewise, it is our solem responsibility to support all of the families who have lost loved ones for the cause of freedom, democracy , and the pursuit of happiness. Veterans are the symbols of the rights that all Americans enjoy for they alone are willing to die, if need be, to allow their families the God given opportunity to enjoy what many nations worldwide do not enjoy.

     As Post Chaplain, my faith instills in me that America will always be "One Nation Under God," regardless of the actions of some people within or outside our borders. When I see the America Flag hanging from homes, government buildings, business offices, and along the Main Streets of our country, then I know that pride in our nation is still quite evident. Our country was founded on the principles of religious freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and that freedom still resonates today. Veterans understand this truth, that no nation in and of it's government can stand against tyranny without those who are willing to sacrifice for the pursuit of freedom.

     Therefore, whenever you see a veteran on the street, in the store, at the office, in a business, or at church, THANK THEM for their service. THANK THEM for giving of their time and talents to serve America to help maintain the freedoms that everyone enjoys.

Rev. David Zachary, Post 104 Chaplain and webmaster

Veterans Day 2023


A veteran is someone who has served or still serves in various capacities that protect and enrich our nation or communities. They may be veterans of the active military or serving the in the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, or other military support organizations. A veteran may have been involved with  law enforcement, or fire department, but the common denominator is that these men and women give of themselves for the benefit of our nation and their communities. They sacrifice above and beyond the "call of duty" so that others can feel protected and have peace of mind. Veterans are important to the security of America because they understand hardship, depravation of personal time, long working hours or tours of duty, and the sacrifices that their family must make to support them during any tour of duty.

Veterans Day Program and ParadeVeterans Day Program and ParadeVeterans Day Program and ParadeVeterans Day Program and ParadeVeterans Day Program and ParadeVeterans Day Program and ParadeVeterans Day Program and Parade

Veterans Day...