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October 2023 Meeting

Monday, 09 October, 2023, at 1900, Post Commander Debra McGill called to order the monthly (second Monday) meeting of William E. Dillard American Legion Post 104, Inc., at the American Legion Hall, 915 West Main St., Sylva, NC. Present were 15 post members and 1 guest.

Opening Ceremony

The colors were in their stand and Commander McGill led the members in a hand salute. Chaplain David Zachary offered the opening prayer. Commander McGill read the American Legion statement to honor all missing U.S. POW and MIA's. Members viewed the empty POW and MIA logo embossed black chair on display. The Commander led those present in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Preamble to the American Legion Constitution.

Executive Meeting Minutes

Adjutant Larry Agle read the executive meeting minutes of the September 2023 meeting (available at ) which received approval by a voice vote, with Jim McGill making the motion and seconded by Howard Rohner.  Andy Anderson stated that I failed to put his lawsuit discussion in the minutes.  I amended the executive meeting minutes to include that discussion.

Previous Minutes

Adjutant Larry Agle summarized the minutes of the September 2023 meeting (available at ) which received approval by a voice vote, with Jim McGill making the motion and seconded by Chuck Saunders.


Adjutant Larry Agle presented the current financial report. The report received approval by a voice vote, Roy Burnette making the motion and seconded by Jim McGill.

Membership and Recruiting Report

Membership Officer Larry Agle gave report and there are currently 71 (Goal 140) members, registered, who have paid their dues for 2023 – 2024 fiscal year. The 2024 dues (1 July 2023 – 30 June 2024) are now due and members can renew by mail, in person, or online.  Dues are $40.00, with the Post keeping $7.50 and the balance going to the Department of North Carolina ($9.00) and the National American Legion ($23.50). Mail payments to American Legion Post 104, at P. O. Box 104, Sylva, NC 28779.

Members can pay their annual dues on line at the National Headquarters web site . To complete this action, have your American Legion membership number and a credit card available. As you finish, you can print off a temporary membership card plus a receipt to serve as “proof of membership” until Membership Officer Agle mails or gives you a permanent card.

Business and Announcements

·     Prior to the meeting, at 1840, Commander Debra McGill called a special meeting of all the officers.  The topic of discussion was Andy Anderson's resolution to his lawsuit.  Andy presented his side of the situation and gave reasons as to why the American Legion should be a co-plaintiff. A vote was taken among the officers' present, Jim McGill, Debra McGill, Roy Burnette, Ed Harwood, Larry Agle, Andy Anderson, Howard Rohner, Bill Loucks, and Lauren Anderson as the Auxiliary Representative, the vote was unanimous to turn down the resolution.

·     During the regular meeting, Andy again presented his side of the resolution and discussed why the American Legion should be involved.  A vote was taken and a majority of the members voted to refrain from being involved (10 votes No).  Bill Loucks voted to abstain from voting.

·     Jim McGill read the minutes from the Riders meeting.  Capt. Hall's return to Waynesville was discussed.  Fall Conference is Oct 26-28.  November 11th will be breakfast at the post at 0900 and Veterans Day Program at 1100 at Mark Watson Park.

·     Ed Harwood explained to the post how he lost the trumpet and that he is going to replace it.  A motion was made by Ron Short and Seconded by Andy Anderson that the post reimburse Ed for the new trumpet.  The motion passed but Ed refused to tell me how much it was.  I advised him that if he changes his mind then to let me know.

·     Commander McGill asked for a volunteer to be the chairman of the Oratorical contest but nobody was willing to take on the responsibility.

·     9 Nov 2023 will be the Veterans Day ceremonies at Cullowhee Valley School at 0900 and 1100 at Fairview Elementary.

·     4 Chaplains plaque is still in work. David Zachary advised that he got quotes of $260-$525 for a 20x12 stainless steel.  He is still working on more quotes and finishing details.

·     Jim McGill made a motion and seconded by David Zachary that we get some Honor Guard/Flag Folding Ceremony booklets printed.  The motion passed with a limit of $300 to get 12 copies made.  There was discussion to take one to the funeral home to leave there when we get them.

·     Jim McGill made a motion and seconded by Howard Rohner that the post donate some of our folding chairs to a church in need for their Sunday school class.  The motion passed.

·     Our next meeting, we will have speakers advising us on the pros and cons of possibly moving our meeting to another day and time.

·     11-2-23 is the Veterans dinner, 828-631-2231 for RSVP.

·     James Staton is transferring from post 106 to our post.

·     Pull Tabs from drink cans: please continue/start saving them and drop them off at the post or give them to someone to bring to the post.  We will donate all the money received from them to Wreaths Across America.

Funeral Details

We performed one funeral since the last meeting.

·     Brian Lenz

Thoughts and Prayers / Sick Call

·     Linda Nee – is back home!!!

·     Jody Cariveau is having cancer operation on 11-3-23 for her right leg.  The chaplains prayed with her.

·     Frank Kastl, David Zachary's family, triple bypass, in recovery.

Please keep these folks and their families in your prayers.

Closing Ceremony

Chaplain David Zachary offered the closing prayer, Commander Debra McGill led the group in a hand salute and declared the meeting adjourned at 1958 hours.

Respectfully presented,

Larry Agle, Adjutant

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