Proudly serving America to maintain our Freedoms...

Our Remembered Veterans...

     The branch of the military they served should never be the issue and the amount of time they may have served is not important either. For "all gave some" in the service of their country and "some gave all" in a more permanent manner. What matters most is that they served a grateful nation as Americans who cherish the freedoms which make these United States a free and democratic society that still draws peoples from all over the globe.

     The next time you see a veteran or current service member in your community thank them for "their service." Thank them not because "you may feel compelled" to get on the national patriotic bandwagon, but thank them because "you are sincere" in knowing that they could possible end up on this webpage or others like it. Thank them because without them, tyranny would overtake this great land we call the "home of the brave." And, thank them because only God knows if they too will have to pay the "ultimate cost" to keep this nation free.

     As an Army veteran of the Vietnam and Desert Storm ERA's I thank God for all of my brothers and sisters-in-arms, regardless of their military branch. We share a bond of sacrifice and fellowship which crosses all barriers and transcends the boundaries of time.

Rev. David Zachary,

Post 104 Webmaster and Post Chaplain

former SGT, U.S.A. and 1SG, USAR

May we always remember those who "gave all" to preserve our freedoms.